[Ribosomes synthesis at the heart of cell proliferation]

Med Sci (Paris). Jun-Jul 2017;33(6-7):613-619. doi: 10.1051/medsci/20173306018. Epub 2017 Jul 19.
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Ribosomes are central to gene expression. Their assembly is a complex and an energy consuming process. Many controls exist to make it possible a fine-tuning of ribosome production adapted to cell needs. In this review, we describe recent advances in the characterisation of the links occurring between ribosome synthesis and cell proliferation control. Defects in ribosome biogenesis directly impede cellular cycle and slow-down proliferation. Among the different factors involved, we could define the 5S particle, a ribosome sub-complex, as a key-regulator of p53 and other tumour suppressors such as pRB. This cross-talk between ribosome neogenesis defects and proliferation and cellular cycle also involves other cell cycle controls such as p14ARF, SRSF1 or PRAS40 pathways. These data place ribosome synthesis at the heart of cell proliferation and offer new therapeutic strategies against cancer.

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