Bituminaria antiatlantica (Psoraleeae, Fabaceae), a new species from Morocco

PhytoKeys. 2017 Aug 31:(85):109-124. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.85.12288. eCollection 2017.


A new species of Bituminaria is described and illustrated: Bituminaria antiatlantica Brullo, C. Brullo, Cambria, Cristaudo & Giusso, sp. nov., which is endemic to Anti-Atlas Mountains (Morocco). It is a true chasmophyte, characterized by a suffruticose habit, several woody branches, leaflets coriaceous, rounded to ovate, small, few-flowered inflorescences and corolla pale coloured.

Keywords: Bituminaria; Endemic; Fabaceae; Leguminosae; Morocco; New species; Pollen grain; Psoraleeae; Seed testa; Taxonomy.