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. 2018 Jul;9(7):659-663.
doi: 10.1007/s13238-017-0482-7.

Protein Crystal Quality Oriented Disulfide Bond Engineering

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Protein Crystal Quality Oriented Disulfide Bond Engineering

Mengchen Pu et al. Protein Cell. .
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Figure 1.
Figure 1.
The prediction algorithm and procedure, and confirmation of disulfide bonds by crystallography. (A) The models generated from known protein structures are used to predict potential disulfide bond. (B and C) The 2F O-F C electron densities (contoured at 1.5 σ) of four pairs of disulfides in BRIL (B) and three pairs of disulfides in Flavodoxin (C). In each box the engineered disulfide bond is aligned with corresponding native residues. Boxes are color coded or linked by solid lines

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