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, 101, 137-168

Uranium Bioreduction and Biomineralization


Uranium Bioreduction and Biomineralization

Rehemanjiang Wufuer et al. Adv Appl Microbiol.


Following the development of nuclear science and technology, uranium contamination has been an ever increasing concern worldwide because of its potential for migration from the waste repositories and long-term contaminated environments. Physical and chemical techniques for uranium pollution are expensive and challenging. An alternative to these technologies is microbially mediated uranium bioremediation in contaminated water and soil environments due to its reduced cost and environmental friendliness. To date, four basic mechanisms of uranium bioremediation-uranium bioreduction, biosorption, biomineralization, and bioaccumulation-have been established, of which uranium bioreduction and biomineralization have been studied extensively. The objective of this review is to provide an understanding of recent developments in these two fields in relation to relevant microorganisms, mechanisms, influential factors, and obstacles.

Keywords: Biomineralization; Bioreduction; Bioremediation; Uranium.

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