A comparative Raman study between PrMnO 3, NdMnO 3, TbMnO 3 and DyMnO 3

Sci Rep. 2017 Oct 23;7(1):13796. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-12714-8.


In this paper, we present a detailed Raman study of the non-multiferroic compounds PrMnO 3 and NdMnO 3 and the multiferroic compounds TbMnO 3 and DyMnO 3 as a function of temperature and magnetic field. All studied systems show anomalous phonon shifts close to the Néel transition T N . In PrMnO 3 and NdMnO 3, the frequency softenings are partly attributed to an orbital-spin-phonon coupling whereas in TbMnO 3 and DyMnO 3, the relatively weak frequency shifts are rather attributed to an expansion of the Mn-O bond lengths. On the other hand, the frequencies of TbMnO 3 phonons are shifted as a function of magnetic field, while those of PrMnO 3 remain unaffected. These frequency shifts are interpreted in terms of local oxygen rearrangements under magnetic field that could play an important role in the multiferroicity of TbMnO 3 and DyMnO 3.

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