Towards properties on demand in quantum materials

Nat Mater. 2017 Oct 25;16(11):1077-1088. doi: 10.1038/nmat5017.


The past decade has witnessed an explosion in the field of quantum materials, headlined by the predictions and discoveries of novel Landau-symmetry-broken phases in correlated electron systems, topological phases in systems with strong spin-orbit coupling, and ultra-manipulable materials platforms based on two-dimensional van der Waals crystals. Discovering pathways to experimentally realize quantum phases of matter and exert control over their properties is a central goal of modern condensed-matter physics, which holds promise for a new generation of electronic/photonic devices with currently inaccessible and likely unimaginable functionalities. In this Review, we describe emerging strategies for selectively perturbing microscopic interaction parameters, which can be used to transform materials into a desired quantum state. Particular emphasis will be placed on recent successes to tailor electronic interaction parameters through the application of intense fields, impulsive electromagnetic stimulation, and nanostructuring or interface engineering. Together these approaches outline a potential roadmap to an era of quantum phenomena on demand.

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