Oxidative stress or redox signalling - new insights into the effects of a proprietary multifunctional botanical dietary supplement

Free Radic Res. 2018 Mar;52(3):362-372. doi: 10.1080/10715762.2017.1390228. Epub 2017 Nov 7.


Recent interest has focused on maintenance of healthy levels of redox signalling and the related oxidants; these parameters are crucial for providing us with concrete nutritional targets that may help us to better understand and maintain "optimal health". Following the above hypothesis, we performed a pilot double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled, single dose study to measure the dose-dependent effects of a proprietary plant-based dietary supplement labelled here as S7 (SPECTRA7), related to how it affected the cellular metabolic index (CMI) in healthy human participants (n = 8). We demonstrated using the electron spin resonance/electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer NOXYSCAN that the administration S7 resulted in statistically significant, long-term, dose-dependent inhibition of mitochondrial and cellular reactive oxygen species generation by as much as 9.2 or 17.7% as well as 12.0 or 14.8% inhibition in extracellular nicotinamide-dinucleotide-phosphate oxidase system-dependent generation of O2•-, and 9.5 or 44.5% inhibition of extracellular H2O2 formation. This was reflected with dose-dependent 13.4 or 17.6% inhibition of tumour necrosis factor alpha induced cellular inflammatory resistance and also 1.7 or 2.3-times increases of bioavailable NO concentration. In this pilot study, we demonstrated the ability of a natural supplement to affect cellular redox signalling, which is considered by many researchers as oxidative stress. The design and activity of this proprietary plant-based material, in combination with the newly developed "CMI" test, demonstrates the potential of using dietary supplements to modulate redox signalling. This opens the door to future research into the use of S7 for modulation of inflammatory markers, for sports endurance or recovery applications.

Keywords: Oxidative stress; cellular metabolic index; inflammatory resistance; multifunctional dietary supplement; nitric oxide; redox signalling.

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