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, 11 (2), 198-201

Lewy and His Inclusion Bodies: Discovery and Rejection


Lewy and His Inclusion Bodies: Discovery and Rejection

Eliasz Engelhardt et al. Dement Neuropsychol.


Fritz Jacob Heinrich Lewy described the pathology of Paralysis agitans [Parkinson disease] and was the first to identify eosinophilic inclusion bodies in neurons of certain brain nuclei, later known as Lewy bodies, the pathological signature of the Lewy body diseases. In 1912, he published his seminal study, followed soon after by an update paper, and 10 years later, in 1923, by his voluminous book, where he exhaustively described the subject. The publication provided extensive information on the pathology of Paralysis agitans, and the entirely novel finding of eosinophilic inclusion bodies, which would become widely recognized and debated in the future. His discovery was acknowledged by important researchers who even named the structure after him. However, after his last publication on the issue, inexplicably, he never mentioned his histopathological discovery again. Despite several hypotheses, the reasons that led him to neglect (reject) the structure which he so preeminently described have remained elusive.

Keywords: Lewy; Lewy bodies; Paralysis agitans; Parkinson's disease; eosinophilic; inclusion bodies.

Conflict of interest statement

Disclosure: The authors report no conflicts of interest.

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