Perceived Age and Life Style. The Specific Contributions of Seven Factors Involved in Health and Beauty

Maedica (Bucur). 2017 Sep;12(3):191-201.


Objectives: The skin is a dynamic, visible organ, showing the most obvious signs of aging. The mechanisms of extrinsic aging, most of them presented in this paper, are currently well known and also the only ones that can be counteracted. Therefore, the transition of this knowledge in the general population is of the most importance, in order to introduce healthy aging strategies, to prevent the development of chronic or malignant diseases and psychological burden related to old age.

Materials and methods: A thorough review of the literature has been performed in order to identify the main factors involved in skin health and aging.

Outcomes: This concept article represents a compilation of seven anti-ageing directions regarding major factors involved in health, aging and beauty, respectively sun, sugar, smoking, skin care, stress, sleep and second (the passage of time), easy to comprehend by the general public but sustained by a strong scientific documentation.

Conclusions: Despite its final destination, every quality concept has to pass through academic purgatory as, once accepted, it comes to respond to ever more educated society's demands in terms of anti-ageing.