Attosecond sublevel beating and nonlinear dressing on the 3d-to-5p and 3p-to-5s core-transitions at 91.3 eV and 210.4 eV in krypton

Opt Express. 2017 Dec 11;25(25):31774-31788. doi: 10.1364/OE.25.031774.


Applying extreme ultraviolet (XUV) transient absorption spectroscopy, the dynamics of the two laser dressed transitions 3d5/2-to-5p3/2 and 3p3/2-to-5s1/2 at photon energies of 91.3 eV and 210.4 eV were examined with attosecond temporal resolution. The dressing process was modeled with density matrix equations which are found to describe very accurately both the experimentally observed transmission dynamics and the linear and nonlinear dressing oscillations at 0.75 PHz and 1.5 PHz frequencies. Furthermore, using Fourier transform XUV spectroscopy, quantum beats from the 3d5/2-3d3/2 and 3p3/2-3p1/2 sublevels at 0.3 PHz and 2.0 PHz were experimentally identified and resolved.