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, (720), 91-102

How Many Genera and Species of Galerucinae s. str. Do We Know? Updated Statistics (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)


How Many Genera and Species of Galerucinae s. str. Do We Know? Updated Statistics (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Rui-E Nie et al. Zookeys.


Galerucinae s. str. is a rich group of leaf beetles. A new, up-to date checklist of Galerucinae genera in the world is provided, including the number of valid species of each genus. Genera and species were counted in literature published before the end of 2016. In summary, 7145 species (7132 recent, 13 fossils) and 192 subspecies from 543 genera (542 recent, 1 fossil) were quantified in Galerucinae s. str. In comparison with the previous catalogue of worldwide Galerucinae (Wilcox 1971-1973), an additional 91 valid genera, 1341 valid species (1337 recent, 4 fossils) and 38 subspecies have been published; 43 genera were synonymized, four genera were transferred into Alticini, two subgenera were elevated to genus rank, and one genus was downgraded to subgenus rank. The updated list of references to taxonomic publications on Galerucinae s. str. from the period 1971-2016 is provided.

Keywords: Biodiversity; Chrysomeloidea; checklist; leaf beetles; worldwide.


Figure 1.
Figure 1.
The three hypotheses of the phylogeny of Galerucinae and Alticinae. The supporters of each hypothesis are listed below each. Note: MD = Molecular Data; MPD = Morphological Data.
Figure 2.
Figure 2.
The numbers of genera and endemic genera in geographical regions.
Figures 3–8.
Figures 3–8.
Distribution of genera of Galerucinae s. str. in the different zoogeographical regions showing generic endemism percentage and percentage of the genera shared with other regions. 3 Afrotropical Region (AFR) 4 Australian Region (AUR) 5 Nearctic Region (NAR) 6 Neotropical Region (NTR) 7 Oriental Region (ORR) 8 Palaearctic Region (PAR).

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