MedEx/J: A One-Scan Simple and Fast NLP Tool for Japanese Clinical Texts

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017:245:285-288.


Because of recent replacement of physical documents with electronic medical records (EMR), the importance of information processing in the medical field has increased. In light of this trend, we have been developing MedEx/J, which retrieves important Japanese language information from medical reports. MedEx/J executes two tasks simultaneously: (1) term extraction, and (2) positive and negative event classification. We designate this approach as a one-scan approach, providing simplicity of systems and reasonable accuracy. MedEx/J performance on the two tasks is described herein: (1) term extraction (F<inf>β = 1</inf> = 0.87) and (2) positive-negative classification (F<inf>β = 1</inf> = 0.63). This paper also presents discussion and explains remaining issues in the medical natural language processing field.

Keywords: Medical Informatics; Natural Language Processing.

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