Li2b2-Façade: Simulation of i2b2 Data Warehouse Server and Client for Interaction with Other Systems

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017:245:1275.


Since its release in 2004, the i2b2 data warehouse software has become a valuable tool for clinical researchers. Physicians can use its browser-based query frontend intuitively without additional training or reading through documentation. While the i2b2 software describes it's API as "REST", it is neither stateless nor does it follow the common guidelines for RESTful APIs. Thus, interfacing other software with i2b2's custom RPC-style XML-API is a very cumbersome process. To overcome these issues, we developed a lightweight software abstraction layer "lightweight i2b2 façade" (li2b2-façade).

Keywords: Databases; Factual; Information Storage and Retrieval; Systems Integration.

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