Confronting Complacency in the Face of Calamity: Mobilizing for the Home Front War against Diabetes

J Endocrinol Diabetes. 2016;3(5):10.15226/2374-6890/3/5/00163. doi: 10.15226/2374-6890/3/5/00163. Epub 2016 Dec 8.


Despite the damage Type 2 Diabetes (DM2) is wreaking on vulnerable families and communities, the US clinical, public health and scientific communities have not yet mobilized for a public health war against DM2. This war requires us to confront our "diabetogenic" society - characterized by sedentary lifestyles, marketing that push diets engorged with processed sugars, and neighborhoods where it is easier and safer to drive than walk. I describe 6 causes for this complacency, and highlight solutions from other recent socio-medical epidemics in which we overcame complacency to generate lifesaving policies. It is time for those fighting DM2 one small clinical battle at a time to become more active in shaping DM2 policy and enlist en masse in the larger policy war against DM2.