Spin Absorption Effect at Ferromagnet/Ge Schottky-Tunnel Contacts

Materials (Basel). 2018 Jan 17;11(1):150. doi: 10.3390/ma11010150.


We study the influence of the junction size in ferromagnet (FM)/semiconductor (SC) contacts on four-terminal nonlocal spin signals in SC-based lateral spin-valve (LSV) structures. When we use FM/Ge Schottky-tunnel junctions with relatively low resistance-area products, the magnitude of the nonlocal spin signal depends clearly on the junction size, indicating the presence of the spin absorption effect at the spin-injector contact. The temperature-dependent spin signal can also be affected by the spin absorption effect. For SC spintronic applications with a low parasitic resistance, we should consider the influence of the spin absorption on the spin-transport signals in SC-based device structures.

Keywords: germanium; semiconductor spintronics; spin absorption.