Human immune system during sleep

Am J Clin Exp Immunol. 2017 Dec 20;6(6):92-96. eCollection 2017.


A joint function of tissues, organs and cells for the protection of body develops immune system. The human immune response against various infections during sleep, its mechanism, neuroimmune interactions, immunoregulatory effect of sleep along with sleep deprivation and role of cytokines in sleep deprivation were addressed. It is revealed that human immune system and sleep both are associated and influenced by each other. Sleep deprivation makes a living body susceptible to many infectious agents. In the result, immune system of human body is altered by releasing immunomodulators in the response of infections as reported by various researchers. Basic reasons and mechanisms of most of the poor sleep networks and release of proinflammatory modulators are still uncertain. The current situation requires improved sleep habits to make immune system efficient for a healthy life.

Keywords: Sleep; circadian rhythms; cytokines; infectious agents; innate immunity.

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  • Review