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, 52 (10), 1202-9

[Functional Linear Models for Region-Based Association Analysis]

[Article in Russian]
  • PMID: 29369592

[Functional Linear Models for Region-Based Association Analysis]

[Article in Russian]
G R Svishcheva et al. Genetika.


Regional association analysis is one of the most powerful tools for gene mapping because instead analysis of individual variants it simultaneously considers all variants in the region. Recent development of the models for regional association analysis involves functional data analysis approach. In the framework of this approach, genotypes of variants within region as well as their effects are described by continuous functions. Such approach allows us to use information about both linkage and linkage disequilibrium and reduce the influence of noise and/or observation errors. Here we define a functional linear mixed model to test association on independent and structured samples. We demonstrate how to test fixed and random effects of a set of genetic variants in the region on quantitative trait. Estimation of statistical properties of new methods shows that type I errors are in accordance with declared values and power is high especially for models with fixed effects of genotypes. We suppose that new functional regression linear models facilitate identification of rare genetic variants controlling complex human and animal traits. New methods are implemented in computer software FREGAT which is available for free download at

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