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, 41 (1), 3-10

Autophagy Dysregulation and Obesity-Associated Pathologies


Autophagy Dysregulation and Obesity-Associated Pathologies

Sim Namkoong et al. Mol Cells.


Autophagy is one of the major degradative mechanisms that can eliminate excessive nutrients, toxic protein aggregates, damaged organelles and invading microorganisms. In response to obesity and obesity-associated lipotoxic, proteotoxic and oxidative stresses, autophagy plays an essential role in maintaining physiological homeostasis. However, obesity and its associated stress insults can often interfere with the autophagic process through various mechanisms, which result in further aggravation of obesity-related metabolic pathologies in multiple metabolic organs. Paradoxically, inhibition of autophagy, within specific contexts, indirectly produces beneficial effects that can alleviate several detrimental consequences of obesity. In this minireview, we will provide a brief discussion about our current understanding of the impact of obesity on autophagy and the role of autophagy dysregulation in modulating obesity-associated pathological outcomes.

Keywords: autophagy; diabetes; metabolism; obesity; stress.


Fig. 1
Fig. 1. Relationship between Obesity and Autophagy
Sophisticated interaction between autophagy and obesity-associated pathologies is schematically illustrated.

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