After p Values: The New Statistics for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education

J Undergrad Neurosci Educ. 2017 Nov 15;16(1):E1-E4. eCollection Fall 2017.


Statistical inference is a methodological cornerstone for neuroscience education. For many years this has meant inculcating neuroscience majors into null hypothesis significance testing with p values. There is increasing concern, however, about the pervasive misuse of p values. It is time to start planning statistics curricula for neuroscience majors that replaces or de-emphasizes p values. One promising alternative approach is what Cumming has dubbed the "New Statistics", an approach that emphasizes effect sizes, confidence intervals, meta-analysis, and open science. I give an example of the New Statistics in action and describe some of the key benefits of adopting this approach in neuroscience education.

Keywords: Open Science; confidence intervals; inferential statistics; neuroscience education; null-hypothesis significance testing.