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. 2018 Apr;59(4):309-315.
doi: 10.1007/s00108-018-0388-3.

[Blood Pressure Targets : The Lower the Better Does Not Suit All]

[Article in German]

[Blood Pressure Targets : The Lower the Better Does Not Suit All]

[Article in German]
U Hoffmann. Internist (Berl). .


Background: The systolic blood pressure intervention trial (SPRINT) published in 2015 has opened up new discussions on whether a lower blood pressure target as recommended by the current guidelines would be better for some patient groups.

Objectives: To review patient groups in which lower blood pressure targets would not be better.

Materials and methods: The results of SPRINT, its post-hoc and subgroup analyses, other studies and newer studies, as well as metaanalyses on the topic of blood pressure targets are reviewed and discussed. Studies with patients excluded from the SPRINT study were also analysed. The current international guidelines and recommendations of the Deutsche Hochdruckliga e. V. DHL® are included.

Results: Blood pressure monitoring methods differed considerably in the previously published studies. The low blood pressure value in SPRINT was mainly achieved due to the unusual method of blood pressure monitoring used and, as such, cannot be compared with blood pressure values in other studies. Based on current evidence, "the lower the better" should not be recommended in the following patient groups: older patients, in particular infirm older patients, patients with diabetes, patients without coronary heart disease or with low cardiovascular risk.

Conclusions: When determining a blood pressure target, the method of blood pressure monitoring should be defined. A lower blood pressure target has been shown to be better in some well defined patient groups. However, adverse events due to antihypertensive medications should always be taken into account. Given the multiple exclusion criteria in trials and the results of many studies, "new" lower blood pressure targets could not be recommended in a large population of patients.

Keywords: Adverse drug reactions; Antihypertensive agents; Blood pressure determination; Hypertension, arterial; Infirm elderly persons.

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