Production of novel diagnostic radionuclides in small medical cyclotrons

EJNMMI Radiopharm Chem. 2018;3(1):3. doi: 10.1186/s41181-018-0038-z. Epub 2018 Feb 20.


The global network of cyclotrons has expanded rapidly over the last decade. The bulk of its industrial potential is composed of small medical cyclotrons with a proton energy below 20 MeV for radionuclides production. This review focuses on the recent developments of novel medical radionuclides produced by cyclotrons in the energy range of 3 MeV to 20 MeV. The production of the following medical radionuclides will be described based on available literature sources: Tc-99 m, I-123, I-124, Zr-89, Cu-64, Ga-67, Ga-68, In-111, Y-86 and Sc-44. Remarkable developments in the production process have been observed in only some cases. More research is needed to make novel radionuclide cyclotron production available for the medical industry.

Keywords: Copper-64; Cyclotron; Gallium-67; Gallium-68; Radioiodine; Radionuclide production; Scandium-44; Technetium-99 m; Yttrium-86; Zirconium-89.

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  • Review