Permanent His Bundle Pacing for Cardiac Resynchronization

Curr Treat Options Cardiovasc Med. 2018 Mar 6;20(3):23. doi: 10.1007/s11936-018-0616-0.


His bundle pacing (HBP) has been shown to be a feasible, beneficial, and safe way to achieve cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) with recruitment of the heart's physiological conduction system. HBP should be considered for those with unfavorable coronary sinus (CS) anatomy, and nonresponders to biventricular (BiV) pacing. HBP CRT may also help patients with the nonleft bundle branch block form of conduction delay and heart failure (HF). HBP CRT should be considered strongly in preventing right ventricular (RV) pacing-induced cardiomyopathy, especially after atrioventricular nodal ablation given the discrete nature of the block and the low likelihood of distal block. With increased operator experience and improved lead delivery systems, HBP success rates and safety have improved and are comparable to traditional RV pacing. Battery longevity is also likely comparable to traditional BiV CRT devices. We anticipate the use of HBP CRT growing significantly.

Keywords: CRT; Cardiomyopathy; His bundle; His bundle pacing; Resynchronization.

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