Correlation between pelvic floor strength and physical activity level in healthy men

Aging Male. 2018 Mar 21;1-5. doi: 10.1080/13685538.2018.1453797. Online ahead of print.


The male pelvic floor muscles comprise a pair of compound muscle layers referred to as the levator ani. Studies have shown that pelvic floor muscle strength is affected by physical activity. This study aimed to assess male pelvic floor muscle strength through manometry of the external anal sphincter and evaluation of its association with physical activity level, BMI, and rectal pressure in healthy men. To assess physical activity level over the previous week, we used the International Physical Activity Questionnaire 8 (IPAQ). Pelvic floor muscle strength was assessed via anorectal manometry. The results shows a negative correlation between resting pressure and MET, a positive correlation between rectal pressure and resting and maximum pressure. The novel finding of this study is a negative correlation between walking and pelvic floor strength. This study raises new questions about the understanding of the interaction among physical activity, intraabdominal pressure, and pelvic floor strength in the physiology of continence in men.

Keywords: Pelvic floor muscle; healthy men; muscle strength; walking.