Search for Partner Proteins of A. thaliana Immunophilins Involved in the Control of Plant Immunity

Molecules. 2018 Apr 19;23(4):953. doi: 10.3390/molecules23040953.


The involvement of plant immunophilins in multiple essential processes such as development, various ways of adapting to biotic and abiotic stresses, and photosynthesis has already been established. Previously, research has demonstrated the involvement of three immunophilin genes (AtCYP19-1/ROC3, AtFKBP65/ROF2, and AtCYP57) in the control of plant response to invasion by various pathogens. Current research attempts to identify host target proteins for each of the selected immunophilins. As a result, candidate interactors have been determined and confirmed using a yeast 2-hybrid (Y2H) system for protein⁻protein interaction assays. The generation of mutant isoforms of ROC3 and AtCYP57 harboring substituted amino acids in the in silico-predicted active sites became essential to achieving significant binding to its target partners. This data shows that ROF2 targets calcium-dependent lipid-binding domain-containing protein (At1g70790; AT1) and putative protein phosphatase (At2g30020; АТ2), whereas ROC3 interacts with GTP-binding protein (At1g30580; ENGD-1) and RmlC-like cupin (At5g39120). The immunophilin AtCYP57 binds to putative pyruvate decarboxylase-1 (Pdc1) and clathrin adaptor complex-related protein (At5g05010). Identified interactors confirm our previous findings that immunophilins ROC3, ROF2, and AtCYP57 are directly involved with stress response control. Further, these findings extend our understanding of the molecular functional pathways of these immunophilins.

Keywords: A. thaliana; molecular partners of PPIases; plant immunite; plant immunophilins; yeast 2-hybrid.

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