Beating the urine drug test - a case report on niacin toxicity

J Community Hosp Intern Med Perspect. 2018 Apr 17;8(2):73-75. doi: 10.1080/20009666.2018.1438726. eCollection 2018.


Niacin is a form of vitamin B3 which is used for the medical treatment of hyperlipidemia and niacin deficiency. However, within the last few years, it is being advertised on the Internet as a quick way to detoxify the human body in an attempt to evade urine drug tests. This claim is without any medical or scientific evidence and as a result, many cases have been reported where young adults have ended up with niacin toxicity. In this case report, we discuss a rare presentation of niacin toxicity and the effects Internet has had on the healthcare being practised by both the physicians and the patients themselves.

Keywords: Niacin; hypoglycemia; internet; metabolic acidosis; toxicity; urine drug test.

Publication types

  • Case Reports