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, 2018

The NCBI BioCollections Database


The NCBI BioCollections Database

Shobha Sharma et al. Database (Oxford).

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The rapidly growing set of GenBank submissions includes sequences that are derived from vouchered specimens. These are associated with culture collections, museums, herbaria and other natural history collections, both living and preserved. Correct identification of the specimens studied, along with a method to associate the sample with its institution, is critical to the outcome of related studies and analyses. The National Center for Biotechnology Information BioCollections Database was established to allow the association of specimen vouchers and related sequence records to their home institutions. This process also allows cross-linking from the home institution for quick identification of all records originating from each collection. Database URL:


Figure 1.
Figure 1.
Example of structured voucher annotation. (a) GenBank flat file record for Spizella atrogularis, accession DQ433192 and URL formula to map the record to MVZ specimen page. (b) Specimen page at Museum of Vertebrae Zoology, University of California, Berkeley for Spizella atrogularis linked to GenBank record DQ431992.
Figure 2.
Figure 2.
Screenshot of BioCollections search page. (a) Showing result for institution code MVZ. (b) Biocollections Database entry for MVZ.

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