Estándares Consolidados de Reporte de Evaluaciones Económicas Sanitarias: Versión en Español de la Lista de Comprobación CHEERS

Value Health Reg Issues. 2013 Dec;2(3):338-341. doi: 10.1016/j.vhri.2013.10.004. Epub 2013 Dec 12.


Objective: It is important to have adequate and updated guides for reporting health economic evaluations (HEE). Due to their nature and methodological complexity, HEE have particular challenges for adequate reporting, which can be greater than more traditional study designs such as randomized controlled trials. CHEERS (Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards) have recently been published in English. Our objectives were to adapt the CHEERS list to Spanish.

Methods and results: We followed the recommended methods of the Equator (Enhancing the Quality and Transparency Of health Research) network. We made an initial translation to Spanish, a back translation to English, and an initial Spanish version that was circulated through ISPOR and REDETSA. Finally, a final Spanish version was consolidated. The list contains 24 items grouped in Title and Abstract; Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion; and Other (which included conflict of interest reporting). The scope of use is independent of methodological vehicle (either single-study or evidence synthesis-based HEE); type of strategies to evaluate (clinical or public health; preventive, diagnostic, curative, palliative). Most of the items are generic and apply to any study design; while some of them are particularly oriented to single-study or evidence-synthesis/modeling studies.

Conclusions: Diffusion and use of the CHEERS checklist in Spanish will contribute to a more consistent and transparent reporting of health economic evaluations in Spanish speaking contexts.

Keywords: Estándares de Reporte; Evaluaciones Económicas; Guías Metodológicas.