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, 61 (3), 376-385

Recent Advancement of the Molecular Diagnosis in Pediatric Brain Tumor


Recent Advancement of the Molecular Diagnosis in Pediatric Brain Tumor

Jeong-Mo Bae et al. J Korean Neurosurg Soc.


Recent discoveries of brain tumor-related genes and fast advances in genomic testing technologies have led to the era of molecular diagnosis of brain tumor. Molecular profiling of brain tumor became the significant step in the diagnosis, the prediction of prognosis and the treatment of brain tumor. Because traditional molecular testing methods have limitations in time and cost for multiple gene tests, next-generation sequencing technologies are rapidly introduced into clinical practice. Targeted sequencing panels using these technologies have been developed for brain tumors. In this article, focused on pediatric brain tumor, key discoveries of brain tumor-related genes are reviewed and cancer panels used in the molecular profiling of brain tumor are discussed.

Keywords: Brain neoplasms; High-throughput nucleotide sequencing; Molecular diagnostics; Next generation sequencing; Pediatrics.

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