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, 28 (8), 662-672

Nucleolar Function in Lifespan Regulation


Nucleolar Function in Lifespan Regulation

Varnesh Tiku et al. Trends Cell Biol.


The nucleolus is a prominent membraneless organelle residing within the nucleus. The nucleolus has been regarded as a housekeeping structure mainly known for its role in ribosomal RNA (rRNA) production and ribosome assembly. However, accumulating evidence has revealed its functions in numerous cellular processes that control organismal physiology, thereby taking the nucleolus much beyond its conventional role in ribosome biogenesis. Perturbations in nucleolar functions have been associated with severe diseases such as cancer and progeria. Recent studies have also uncovered the role of the nucleolus in development and aging. In this review we discuss major nucleolar functions that impact organismal aging.

Keywords: aging; lifespan; nucleolus; nutrient sensing pathways; ribosome biogenesis.

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