Efficacy of Vamana Karma with Ikshvaku Ksheera Yoga in the management of Tamaka Shvasa (bronchial asthma)

Ayu. Jan-Jun 2017;38(1-2):10-14. doi: 10.4103/ayu.AYU_95_13.


Introduction: Bronchial asthma is a highly prevalent disease, and in most of the etiopathogenesis and symptomatology, it can be correlated with Tamaka Shvasa. Ikshvaku (Lagenaria vulgaris [Manila] Standley.) is an annual herbaceous climbing plant with a long history of medicinal uses for the treatment of various ailments including jaundice, diabetes, ulcer, piles, colitis, asthma, insanity, hypertension, congestive cardiac failure and skin disorders. Its fruit pulp is used both as an emetic and as a purgative.

Aims: To study the efficacy of Vamana Karma with Ikshvaku (Lagenaria vulgaris [Manila] Standley) Ksheera Yoga.

Materials and methods: A total of 15 patients fulfilling the diagnostic criteria for bronchial asthma were selected from outpatient and inpatient department of Panchakarma Department. The sign and symptoms, mainly breathlessness, cough and rhonchi were given scores depending on their severity. The patients were also assessed for lung function test to determine pulmonary impairment. For Vamana, they were given Deepana and Pachana with Trikatu Churna for 3 days and then they were subjected to Snehapana with lukewarm cow's ghee. After the completion of Snehapana, the patient were given Abhyanga, Vashpa Swedana and diet with predominance of Kapha (Kapha Bahula Ahara- diet mixed with milk or curd), which was then followed by Vamana with Ikshvaku Ksheera Yoga and Samsarjana Krama. Follow-up was done at an interval of 15 days for three times and t scores were noted before and after the treatment. The scores were analyzed using Wilcoxon signed-rank test for subjective parameters and Student's paired t-test for objective parameters.

Results: The trial drug has shown statistically highly significant reduction in breathlessness, cough, rhonchi, and significant changes in lung function tests.

Conclusion: The test drug proved its emetic effect on the patients of bronchial asthma and thus relieved the symptoms of the disease immediately. It has reduced frequency of episodes of breathlessness and severity of symptoms.

Keywords: Asthma; Ikshvaku; Tamaka Shvasa; Vamana.