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. 2018 Aug 31;69(19):4569-4581.
doi: 10.1093/jxb/ery231.

An Outlook on Lysine Methylation of Non-Histone Proteins in Plants


An Outlook on Lysine Methylation of Non-Histone Proteins in Plants

Nelson B C Serre et al. J Exp Bot. .


Protein methylation is a very diverse, widespread, and important post-translational modification affecting all aspects of cellular biology in eukaryotes. Methylation on the side-chain of lysine residues in histones has received considerable attention due to its major role in determining chromatin structure and the epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Over the last 20 years, lysine methylation of non-histone proteins has been recognized as a very common modification that contributes to the fine-tuned regulation of protein function. In plants, our knowledge in this field is much more fragmentary than in yeast and animal cells. In this review, we describe the plant enzymes involved in the methylation of non-histone substrates, and we consider historical and recent advances in the identification of non-histone lysine-methylated proteins in photosynthetic organisms. Finally, we discuss our current knowledge about the role of protein lysine methylation in regulating molecular and cellular functions in plants, and consider challenges for future research.

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