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, 291 (6495), 559-61

Sulpiride and the Potentiation of Progestogen Only Contraception

Sulpiride and the Potentiation of Progestogen Only Contraception

M R Payne et al. Br Med J (Clin Res Ed).


A progestogen (norethisterone) and a dopamine antagonist (sulpiride) were given alone and in combination to volunteers to examine their effects on excretion of ovarian steroids. Compared with non-treatment cycles (n = 15), contraception with a progestogen alone (n = 10) was associated with increased excretion of oestrone and partial suppression of excretion of pregnanediol, suggesting partial luteinization of unruptured follicles. By contrast, the combination of norethisterone and sulpiride (n = 9) suppressed both ovarian steroids to basal values, the suppression being even greater than with sulpiride alone (n = 5). These results suggest that a combination of a progestogen with a dopamine antagonist might have a role in contraception.

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