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, 220 (2), 609-623

ORESARA15, a PLATZ Transcription Factor, Mediates Leaf Growth and Senescence in Arabidopsis


ORESARA15, a PLATZ Transcription Factor, Mediates Leaf Growth and Senescence in Arabidopsis

Jin Hee Kim et al. New Phytol.


Plant leaves undergo a series of developmental changes from leaf primordium initiation through growth and maturation to senescence throughout their life span. Although the mechanisms underlying leaf senescence have been intensively elucidated, our knowledge of the interrelationship between early leaf development and senescence is still fragmentary. We isolated the oresara15-1Dominant (ore15-1D) mutant, which had an extended leaf longevity and an enlarged leaf size, from activation-tagged lines of Arabidopsis. Plasmid rescue identified that ORE15 encodes a PLANT A/T-RICH SEQUENCE- AND ZINC-BINDING PROTEIN family transcription factor. Phenotypes of ore15-1D and ore15-2, a loss-of-function mutant, were evaluated through physiological and anatomical analyses. Microarray, quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, and chromatin immunoprecipitation as well as genetic analysis were employed to reveal the molecular mechanism of ORE15 in the regulation of leaf growth and senescence. ORE15 enhanced leaf growth by promoting the rate and duration of cell proliferation in the earlier stage and suppressed leaf senescence in the later stage by modulating the GROWTH-REGULATING FACTOR (GRF)/GRF-INTERACTING FACTOR regulatory pathway. Our study highlighted a molecular conjunction through ORE15 between growth and senescence, which are two temporally separate developmental processes during leaf life span.

Keywords: Arabidopsis; GIF1/AN3; GRF/GIF regulatory module; ORE15; PLATZ; cell proliferation; leaf growth; leaf senescence.

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