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, 260 (22), 11924-33

The Complete Primary Structure of HLA-Bw58

  • PMID: 2995352

The Complete Primary Structure of HLA-Bw58

J P Ways et al. J Biol Chem.


Serological studies indicate that HLA-B17 molecules are unusually cross-reactive with products of the HLA-A locus. In particular, a mouse monoclonal antibody MA2.1 defines an epitope that is shared by HLA-A2 and the two subtypes (Bw57 and Bw58) of B17. To investigate these relationships at the structural level, we have isolated a gene coding for Bw58 from the WT49 B cell line. The gene was transfected into mouse L cells and its protein product was characterized with a panel of monoclonal anti-HLA antibodies. The nucleotide sequence of 3520 base pairs of DNA encompassing the seven exons coding for Bw58 and associated introns was determined. The deduced protein sequences for Bw58 and eight other HLA-A,B,C molecules were compared. In the first polymorphic domain (alpha 1), Bw58 is unusual in that it is as homologous to HLA-A locus products as to HLA-B locus products. In the second polymorphic domain (alpha 2), Bw58 has greater homology to B locus products. In the alpha 1 domain of Bw58, small segments of amino acid and nucleotide sequence homology with A2 (residues 62-65) and with Aw24 (residues 75-83) are found in the major region of polymorphic diversity (residues 62-83). These similarities provide structural correlates for the serological relationships between Bw58 and A locus molecules, with residues 62-65 possibly being involved in the MA2.1 epitope. From comparisons of four HLA-A and four HLA-B sequences, there is a difference in the patterns of variation for A and B locus molecules. For B locus molecules there is greater variation in the alpha 1 domain than in the alpha 2 domain. For A locus molecules, variation in the two domains is similar and like that for B locus alpha 2 domains. In comparison to other HLA-A,B,C genes, novel inverted repeat sequences were found in the nucleotide sequence of HLA-Bw58. These sequences flank the putative RNA splicing sites at the 3' end of the exons encoding the alpha 2 and alpha 3 protein domains.

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