Taxonomic review of Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae) in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico

PhytoKeys. 2018 Jun 21;(100):91-124. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.100.23152. eCollection 2018.


The genus Ceratozamia is revised for the Sierra Madre Oriental in Mexico. This region is one of the biogeographic areas with the greatest diversity of species in this genus. These species are highly variable morphologically and this variability has led to a complex taxonomic history with many synonyms, particularly with reference to C. mexicana. We present a comprehensive taxonomic revision with history of nomenclature and the morphology, relationships, distribution and use of these species. We also introduce a key for their identification, descriptions, full synonymy, nomenclatural notes, etymologies and neotypes as well as taxonomic comments describing relevant taxonomic changes. We recognise fourteen species in this biogeographic province: C. brevifrons, C. chamberlainii, C. decumbens, C. delucana, C. fuscoviridis, C. hildae, C. kuesteriana, C. latifolia, C. mexicana, C. morettii, C. sabatoi, C. tenuis, C. totonacorum and C. zaragozae. This study provides a foundation for future taxonomic work in Neotropical species of Ceratozamia.

Keywords: Cycadales; Mexican cycads; Neotropical gymnosperms; taxonomic circumscription.