[Characteristics and Source Apportionment of VOCs of High Pollution Process at Chemical Industrial Area in Winter of China]

Huan Jing Ke Xue. 2016 Nov 8;37(11):4094-4102. doi: 10.13227/j.hjkx.201603104.
[Article in Chinese]


Online GC was adopted to monitor VOCs of high pollution process near a chemical industrial area in winter. PMF model was used to identify the major sources of VOCs and evaluate their contributions. The result showed that the main components during the period of observation were toluene, xylene, C3-C4 hydrocarbon and chloroform, etc. Organic sulfur compounds were the major odor pollutants at the chemical industrial area. The compounds including isobutane, n-butane, propane and acrylonitrile were enriched during two pollution periods. VOCs and NOx had the diurnal features of high concentration in the evening versus lower concentration during daytime, indicating the main influence from chemical industrial sources. While O3 had the diurnal features reflecting the photochemical reaction at chemical industrial area in winter. The PMF result showed that 48.0% of the total VOCs concentrations were attributed to synthetic materials industry, 24.0% to industrial organic sulfur process and wastewater treatment (including three sources), 14.7% to industrial organic solvent usage, and 13.3% to petrochemical process. So the wastewater treatment unit was a major source of odor pollution at chemical industrial area.

Keywords: PMF; VOCs; chemical industrial area; online monitor; pollution characteristics.

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