Treatment of Infections Due to Aspergillus terreus Species Complex

J Fungi (Basel). 2018 Jul 9;4(3):83. doi: 10.3390/jof4030083.


The Aspergillus terreus species complex is found in a wide variety of habitats, and the spectrum of diseases caused covers allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, Aspergillus bronchitis and/or tracheobronchitis, and invasive and disseminated aspergillosis. Invasive infections are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality mainly in patients with hematological malignancy. The section Terrei covers a total of 16 accepted species of which most are amphotericin B resistant. Triazoles are the preferred agents for treatment and prevention of invasive aspergillosis. Poor prognosis in patients with invasive A. terreus infections seems to be independent of anti-Aspergillus azole-based treatment.

Keywords: Aspergillus terreus; amphotericin B; antifungal treatment; resistance.

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  • Review