MR-Compatible Haptic Display of Membrane Puncture in Robot-Assisted Needle Procedures

IEEE Trans Haptics. 2018 Mar 19:10.1109/TOH.2018.2816074. doi: 10.1109/TOH.2018.2816074. Online ahead of print.


Multilayer electroactive polymer films actuate a small hand-held device that can display tool tip forces during MR-guided interventions. The display produces localized skin stretch at the thumb and index fingertips. Tests confirm that the device does not significantly affect MR imaging and produces detectable stimuli in response to forces measured by a biopsy needle instrumented with optical fibers. Tests with human subjects explored robotic and teleoperated paradigms to detect when the needle contacted a membrane embedded at variable depth in a tissue phantom that approximated the properties of porcine liver. In the first case, naive users detected membranes with a 98.9% success rate as the needle was driven at fixed speed. In the second case, users with experience in needle-based procedures controlled the needle insertion and detected membranes embedded in tissue phantoms with a 98% success rate. In the second experiment, some users detected membranes with very light contact forces, but there was greater subject-to-subject variation.