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, 26 (3), 295-310

Dorsal Augmentation Using Autogenous Tissues


Dorsal Augmentation Using Autogenous Tissues

Man-Koon Suh. Facial Plast Surg Clin North Am.


Autogenous materials used for Asian dorsal augmentation are temporal fascia, dermofat, solid block type of costal cartilage, and diced cartilage. The temporal fascia is used for radix augmentation or correction of minor focal depression. Dermofat, solid block costal cartilage, and diced cartilage are recommended for major dorsal augmentation. The vertically oriented folded dermal graft curtails use of the fat component. Diced cartilage wrapped in temporal fascia exhibits a lower resorption rate, and may easily fit into the contour of the dorsum. This graft is thought to have low predictability of final height, as opposed to that of block cartilage.

Keywords: Asian rhinoplasty; Costal cartilage graft; Dermofat graft; Diced cartilage; Dorsal augmentation; Folded dermal graft; Temporal fascia.

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