User Centered Neuro-Fuzzy Energy Management Through Semantic-Based Optimization

IEEE Trans Cybern. 2019 Sep;49(9):3278-3292. doi: 10.1109/TCYB.2018.2839700. Epub 2018 Jul 17.


This paper presents a cloud-based building energy management system, underpinned by semantic middleware, that integrates an enhanced sensor network with advanced analytics, accessible through an intuitive Web-based user interface. The proposed solution is described in terms of its three key layers: 1) user interface; 2) intelligence; and 3) interoperability. The system's intelligence is derived from simulation-based optimized rules, historical sensor data mining, and a fuzzy reasoner. The solution enables interoperability through a semantic knowledge base, which also contributes intelligence through reasoning and inference abilities, and which are enhanced through intelligent rules. Finally, building energy performance monitoring is delivered alongside optimized rule suggestions and a negotiation process in a 3-D Web-based interface using WebGL. The solution has been validated in a real pilot building to illustrate the strength of the approach, where it has shown over 25% energy savings. The relevance of this paper in the field is discussed, and it is argued that the proposed solution is mature enough for testing across further buildings.