Severe Cerebral Falciparum Malaria with Dengue Coinfection: A Case Report

Iran J Parasitol. 2018 Apr-Jun;13(2):323-327.


A rare severe case of the coinfection of cerebral falciparum malaria and dengue is reported in this paper. The patient was a 50 yr old male in the north of China, who returned from Uganda not long ago and suffered unconsciousness after fever for 4 d before the falciparum malaria and dengue infection was diagnosed via blood smear microscopy, RT-PCR and serology, although the antimalarial and symptomatic treatment was carried out, ultimately the patients died of septic shock because of multiple organ dysfunctions. This case report showed such a coinfection was prone to cause severe acute consequence. The timely diagnosis and delicate treatment are crucial for prognosis of patients.

Keywords: Coinfection; Dengue; Falciparum malaria; Prognosis.