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Practice Guideline
, 362, k3284

Corticosteroid Therapy for Sepsis: A Clinical Practice Guideline

Practice Guideline

Corticosteroid Therapy for Sepsis: A Clinical Practice Guideline

Francois Lamontagne et al. BMJ.

Conflict of interest statement

Competing interests: All authors have completed the BMJ Rapid Recommendations interests disclosure form, and a detailed description of all disclosures is reported in appendix 2 on As with all BMJ Rapid Recommendations, the executive team and The BMJ judged that no panel member had any financial conflict of interest. Professional and academic interests are minimised as much as possible, while maintaining necessary expertise on the panel to make fully informed decisions.


Fig 2
Fig 2
Characteristics of patients and trials included in systematic review of the use of corticosteroids for treating sepsis CAP = community acquired pneumonia. ARDS = acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Fig 3
Fig 3
Practical issues about use of corticosteroids for treatment of sepsis

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