Bone and Calcified Soft Tissue Metastases of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Better Characterized on 18F-Fluoride PET/CT than on 68Ga-Dotatate PET/CT

Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2018 Aug;52(4):318-323. doi: 10.1007/s13139-018-0527-8. Epub 2018 Jun 4.


Herein, we report a case of a 19-year-old man with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B (MEN2B) and medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) diagnosed when he was 12 years of age. The patient had previously undergone total thyroidectomy, cervical radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. He progressed with known bone, pulmonary, and lymph node metastases and was scanned with 18F-fluoride (18F-NaF) and 68Ga-dotatate whole-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) for metastatic disease monitoring. We found that the MTC bone metastases and soft tissue calcified metastases were better characterized on 18F-NaF PET/CT than on 68Ga-dotatate PET/CT. This case illustrates that the 18F-NaF PET/CT could be helpful not only to the detection of bone metastases but also to the detection of calcified soft tissue metastases in patients with MTC.

Keywords: 18F; 18F-NaF; 68Ga; Gallium-68; Medullary thyroid carcinoma; PET/CT.

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