Jet lag: Heuristics and therapeutics

J Family Med Prim Care. May-Jun 2018;7(3):507-510. doi: 10.4103/jfmpc.jfmpc_220_17.


Jet lag is one of those common medical problems, to which most people don't give a serious thought. However, it is intricately intertwined with our normal circadian rhythm. It is classified as a sleep disorder. There is also a dearth of good scientific literature, not to mention clinical trials on the subject. Slowly but steadily, the scientific community is realizing the various deleterious health effects of jet lag and is devising innovative methods to counter them. This narrative review touches upon the etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations and therapeutic strategies effective against the nagging problem of jet lag.

Keywords: Circadian rhythm; insomnia; jet lag.

Publication types

  • Review