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, 21 (4), 378-382

Effect of Potential Remineralizing Agent and Antioxidants on Color Stability of Bleached Tooth Exposed to Different Staining Solutions


Effect of Potential Remineralizing Agent and Antioxidants on Color Stability of Bleached Tooth Exposed to Different Staining Solutions

Sonali Taneja et al. J Conserv Dent.


Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of staining solutions, remineralizing agent, and antioxidant on color stability of tooth during and after bleaching.

Materials and methods: Ninety human central incisors were bleached using 35% hydrogen peroxide (Pola office) and allocated to three groups (n = 30). Group I stained with cola-based soft drinks, Group II stained with pomegranate juice, and Group III stained with turmeric. The groups were then divided into three subgroups (n = 10): subgroup A - control (artificial saliva), subgroup B - remineralizing agent (Vantej), and subgroup C - antioxidant (grape seed extract [GSE]). Specimens were bleached according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Color variation measurement was performed using a photoreflectance spectrophotometer before bleaching, during each bleaching session (2-times/week), and after (7 and 15 days) the cessation of bleaching. Artificial saliva was used as the storage medium for the specimens except when measurements were to be recorded. The results were then subjected to statistical analysis.

Results: Freshly bleached teeth exposed to Vantej and GSE and significantly lowered the stain absorption.

Conclusion: Among the experimental agents, Vantej performed statistically better at all time intervals.

Keywords: Antioxidants; bleaching; remineralizing agent; staining solution.

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