Chiricaspi ( Brunfelsia grandiflora, Solanaceae), a Pharmacologically Promising Plant

Plants (Basel). 2018 Aug 18;7(3):67. doi: 10.3390/plants7030067.


This study's objective was to evaluate the rescued traditional knowledge about the chiricaspi (Brunfelsia grandiflora s.l.), obtained in an isolated Canelo-Kichwa Amazonian community in the Pastaza province (Ecuador). This approach demonstrates well the value of biodiversity conservation in an endangered ecoregion. The authors describe the ancestral practices that remain in force today. They validated them through bibliographic revisions in data megabases, which presented activity and chemical components. The authors also propose possible routes for the development of new bioproducts based on the plant. In silico research about new drug design based on traditional knowledge about this species can produce significant progress in specific areas of childbirth, anesthesiology, and neurology.

Keywords: Amazonian; Brunfelsia; Ecuador; activity; ayahuasca; bioproduct; drug discovery; ethnobotanic; scopoletin; validation.