[Fibrogenesis Genes and Susceptibility to Coronary Atherosclerosis]

Kardiologiia. 2018 Aug:(8):33-44.
[Article in Russian]


Objectives: To study associations between genes of different functional classes, including fibrogenesis genes, with coronary atherosclerosis and specific features of its course.

Methods: We included in this study 404 patients with confirmed chronic ischemic heart disease (IHD) who had undergone coronary artery bypass grafting. Two groups of participants were distinguished - those with (n=188) and without (n=216) history of myocardial infarction (MI). Control group consisted of inhabitants of the Siberia region (n=285). Associations were analyzed using 48 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) located in genes earlier determined as associated with diseases of the cardiovascular continuum (diabetes mellitus, MI, atherosclerosis). Multiplex genotyping was performed using mass spectrometry. For statistical analyses we used Statistica v8.0 and R-language with "stats" and "genetics" packages.

Results: We identified several genetic markers contributing to susceptibility to development of atherosclerosis. Same markers were identified as determinants of the character of the course of atherosclerotic disease. Risk of development of atherosclerosis was higher in carriers of the following genotypes: TT of ITGB5 gene (rs1007856) - by 1.6 times (OR=1.59; р=0.0153); GG of ITGA4 gene - by 1.85 times (OR=1.85; р=0.0016); GG of IGFBP7 gene (rs11133482) - by 2.4 times (OR=2.36; р=0.0031). The following genotypes were identified as protective against MI and determining stable course of the disease: AA of TLR4 gene (rs4986790) (OR=0.47; р=0.0104).; CC of LDLR gene (rs2738446) (OR=0,53; р=0.0041); GG of OAS1 gene (rs1131454) (OR=0.50; р=0.0274).

Conclusion: Susceptibility to coronary atherosclerosis and prognosis of disease progression were found to be associated with polymorphism of certain genes, involved in metabolism of the extracellular matrix and processes of fibrogenesis (ADAMDEC1, ITGA4, ITGB5, CDKN2B-AS1, IGFBP7), lipid metabolism (LDLR), immune system functioning (TLR4, OAS1) and DNA repair (LIG1).

Keywords: ADAMDEC1; CDKN2B-AS1; ITGA4; ITGB5; LIG1; OAS1; TLR4; atherosclerosis; coronary artery disease; gene polymorphism; myocardial infarction.

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