Macrolunula: Case Reports of Patients with Trauma-associated Enlarged Lunula and a Concise Review of this Nail Finding

Cureus. 2018 Jul 18;10(7):e2998. doi: 10.7759/cureus.2998.


The lunula refers to the visible portion of the distal nail matrix that extends beyond the proximal nail fold. Macrolunula, or enlarged lunula, is not only a physiologic variant but also has been associated with a variety of local and systemic disorders. Macrolunula has been described in congenital conditions including hereditary onycho-osteodysplasia, neoplasms such as superficial acral fibromyxoma, as well as iatrogenic causes as in the topical administration of hydrocortisone; it can also occur in systemic disorders including hyperthyroidism, ischemia, leprosy, and scleroderma. While macrolunula has been described in self-induced trauma secondary to habit-tic deformity, we observe in this case report that any mechanism of trauma to the nail unit may produce enlargement of the lunula.

Keywords: enlarged; hyperthyroidism; injury; leprosy; lunula; macrolunula; matrix; nail; scleroderma; trauma.

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  • Case Reports