Cartoon Network Update: New Features for Exploring of Neural Circuits

J Undergrad Neurosci Educ. 2018 Sep 15;16(3):A195-A196. eCollection Summer 2018.


Cartoon Network is an open-source simulator for neural circuits. It allows students to playfully explore the remarkable complexity that emerges from networks of interacting neurons. This brief report describes four new features that have been added to Cartoon Network: 1) the ability to save and load different networks, 2) the addition of bursting neurons, and 3) new accelerometer inputs for the Finch robot. In addition, new data from the National Institute of Teaching Psychology is reported showing that psychology faculty report strong interest in using Cartoon Network as a pedagogical tool. The updated version of Cartoon Network is available at:

Keywords: Logo; closed-loop; lab exercise; microworld; neural circuit; neural network; simulation.