Aldosterone regulation of Na+ transport and Na+-K+-ATPase in A6 cells: role of growth conditions

Am J Physiol. 1987 May;252(5 Pt 1):C468-76. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.1987.252.5.C468.


The effects of aldosterone on transepithelial sodium transport (measured by the short-circuit current (SCC) and on Na+-K+-adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) biogenesis have been studied in A6 kidney cells grown on collagen-coated filters in two different media. In medium A, base-line SCCA was close to zero but transmural electrical resistance (RA) was high. Aldosterone (100 nM, t24h) drastically increased SCCA and RA, but only after a 4-h latent period. In medium B, base-line SCCB and RB were significantly higher than in medium A. Aldosterone significantly enhanced SCCB and to a lesser extent RB after a much shorter latent period (approximately 45 min) than in medium A. In medium A, aldosterone elicited a fourfold increase in the relative rate of synthesis of alpha- and beta-subunits of Na+-K+-ATPase. A twofold increase was already observed within the observed latent period. This time course suggests that de novo synthesis of sodium pumps might be one of the critical factors underlying the increase in sodium transport in this growth medium. In medium B, aldosterone elicited a two- to fourfold increase in the relative rate of synthesis of the alpha- and beta-subunits of Na+-K+-ATPase that paralleled SCCB. Thus de novo synthesis of Na+-K+-ATPase is clearly not a prerequisite for the early mineralocorticoid response (t90 min - t180 min), but still could be part of the late mineralocorticoid response (t3 h - t24 h). In both media, the immunochemical cellular pool of Na+-K+-ATPase was apparently not modulated by aldosterone for up to 48 h of incubation.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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